Discovery of Differences is a site all about the awareness of the many distinguishing different features we possess. Recognizing the fact that being different isn’t a burden but a unique gift. This gives us the power to be successful in the accomplishment of positive goals. The friends we choose are important because our friends are the ones who accept us for who we are. They are looking at the set of characteristics we have in acknowledgment of our identity!!! Then you are certainly in the right place…Today we will embark on the journey of embracing differences. This is a site of encouragement for children, families and adults with albinism.  And also those who are wanting to learn about albinism.

We have been very much scripted in distinguishing features of a person from a commercialism’s viewpoint. We acknowledge only what is scripted about beauty and body size…ordinary people are not polished up for an inspection. But do like to dress in a well arranged manner. Sarcastic views have been implanted in the minds of many about differences. The paths have taken on many avenues of assimilation.  Beauty is not just outside of a person. It radiates from a person’s personable identity outside and inside. I am one of the people that has been labeled as different. It’s funny because I don’t feel different but I have long ago embraced me. I am different as being unique in my own way of being just as all of us are.

I am one of the people with albinism who was misunderstood because I am a person living with the condition of albinism.  But I have never been too alone.  It has been because of many loving people that kept up with me in my journey.  I am not that perfect vision that has been sold to us daily. I am simply me Brenda Lemae Williams.  The journey will start now with your discovery!! Come modify your learning experience about differences.

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  1. I am your fun writing friend. Wait, who’s on first? You. I’m on 3rd. Working with the cranium is a necessary experience. That coupled with our life experience makes us who we are. Though writing is what I do, you have helped me make it a very positive experience.

    You know we don’t have a zillion friends following us. However, since we are writing to heal, we are healing. I am experiencing many epiphanies and making monumental growths emotionally.

    Thanks Bren.

    Vivian Dixon Sober
    Vivian to you
    Aka The Ms. V

  2. Where are you, Bren?
    Do Not Disappear! I request a brief see-you, though I know you are busy working with your cranial. I appreciate all of your hard work and consciousness brought to the forefront. Victorious Women have Fun: “Sure you right.”
    “Write that,” she says, “Write that.”
    More writes please.
    Thank you very much,
    Vivian Dixon Sober, aka
    The Ms. V

    • “Sure you right.”
      “Writing that,” she says, “Writing that.”
      Victorious Women have Fun: wuuuuuuhoooooooooooooooooooo!!!
      Where am I! I did not disappear!
      Can you see me ? I ran over to have a bit of fun if it be for just a minute.
      Just as you say”Fear Not! Relieved Fun keeps you free and happy”
      I am busy working with my cranial in overdrive at times.
      But my cranial matter has to continuously keep in sync with the overdrive mode to keep up….
      My important reading and homework takes much scheduling on my part.
      I’ll be cruising again real soon the end of spring and all of summer.
      More writing will be coming soon.
      I will make it so!
      Oh! my goodness hear comes the speeding 100 mph overdrive shift.
      I have to shift and just speed away.
      I got to keep it straight so it want drift out of sync.
      And I will drift by again because I will take a slight detour.
      Take good care of yourself.
      This was fun!!

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