The Books That We Carry

The Books That We Carry


This book opens up at our birth. Pages in the book are sort of blank right now! What will be written at the beginning is not up to us at all? Our parents or our caregivers take care of that. The pages are added as we progress in life’s journey. Our books are always generating figurative chapter after chapter. Subject content spans in many areas.

The first book is in our Children’s section. We can’t forget the sub section to use the ability of imagination. Fiction comes alone right about now in full force. Then comes the Teenage volume this book is very thick. The School section will create many books at different stages. There is a section called Talent….showing us that we do have natural abilities. Sometimes the Horror chapters just last a bit too long. Now you come to a point every so often. When time goes on the previous books morph into History. This particular action of the library will not stop until a certain time factor.

Here comes the Young adult book.  Self improvements, Business & Economics and Survivals are very big volumes. There are Senior books in the library of course. The health book morph with the history book in all ages. But some people are cut short in different levels of their virtual library. So they want write what is confined within them. These Books That We Carry are all pent up inside of us. Maybe someday you will just let them out!

By lemae790

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About Brenda Lemae Williams

Genetics are responsible for the condition of albinism that has society so baffled. People with albinism are often misunderstood because people still do not understand the condition of albinism . I am a person with the condition of albinism. You are always welcome at the Discovery of Differences. I hope you enjoy your visit whenever you stop by. Take your time look around to learn more. Come explore, read and please feel free to leave comments. Let's all advance our awareness in the condition of albinism by acknowledgement

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