Mirror Mirror!

compact mirror

I look through the looking glass

I see a person peering back at me

Scrutinizing my many facial expressions

Putting on lip color to be different that day

Being suspiciously silent in thoughts

But the thoughts are not silent they cry out

I am gazing at a cracked mirror that to me came to be distorted

This is the illusion I tell myself anyway

For a moment, I have detached myself from reality

Thinking about the youthful face that has passed away

Snipping back into real time mode like speeding train

I give way at intensely staring back at myself

The cracked crevices are a reflection of me

Aging with each day, month and year pasting by with speed

I do not take lightly the life I have chosen convey out

I am appreciative of opening my eyes to see morning

Moreover, have the strength to rise up from the sleep in my bed

Observing the face in the mirror

These cracked crevices are from experiences of tension and pain

From a life that was physically active in keeping marriage vows, rising children

And other various events in life’s strenuous activities

Physically documented on the face for all to see

Maturity gained is from these lines of life improving me

I dare not give it up

The bright and brilliant part of the earned personality

Well hear I go to start my day

I walk away from the mirror only to come back sometime later in the day.

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About Brenda Lemae Williams

Genetics are responsible for the condition of albinism that has society so baffled. People with albinism are often misunderstood because people still do not understand the condition of albinism . I am a person with the condition of albinism. You are always welcome at the Discovery of Differences. I hope you enjoy your visit whenever you stop by. Take your time look around to learn more. Come explore, read and please feel free to leave comments. Let's all advance our awareness in the condition of albinism by acknowledgement

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  1. No one gets through life without the lines of his or her personal journey, but you are kind. It doesn’t take long before the face you describe subsides and the inner you supersedes and the light you have inside shines.

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