Who do you visualize?

brenda lemae

What is the interpretive mental picture?
When my name is mentioned
Am I a faint shadow of a person that is not recalled with your mind’s vision?
Can I be described with my physical description?
Or would I come to your awareness with my cultural representation.
Unquestionably not because I would have a referral from recollection as Albino.
This is not a culture as some might possibly think.
The color white is otherwise known as Albino.
It only refers to a lack of skin pigment in animal, plant, human, bird and even sea life.
This is a unique referenced word for white in my opinion.
The term albino is derogatory when it’s used as mocking or with malice.
But its traumatic encounter is sometimes offensive as a racial insult.
Habits are formed from committed practice.
And can be broken through changed language set into applying it.
Language is changing with some people right now.
Person with albinism is my representative description.
Albinism even describes the rest of my physical conditions.
I tread with the challenges of albinism every single day.
I am not walking alone for it is in numerous cultures.
We all have affectionate specified at biological personal names.
Well the truth is sometimes memories of a person can fade.
You only remember a description but if you can’t remember my name.
Person with albinism is a worthy start.

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About Brenda Lemae Williams

Genetics are responsible for the condition of albinism that has society so baffled. People with albinism are often misunderstood because people still do not understand the condition of albinism . I am a person with the condition of albinism. You are always welcome at the Discovery of Differences. I hope you enjoy your visit whenever you stop by. Take your time look around to learn more. Come explore, read and please feel free to leave comments. Let's all advance our awareness in the condition of albinism by acknowledgement

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