Commander by Default

ship in command

The former Captain fulfilled the promise of attaining crew for the ship Genuine.
But he grew weary of the crew’s demands for attention.
The ship has been abandon by the former commanding Captain.
He wanted to sail the waters on the ship Utopia.
It was the former commanding Captain schemed dream.
Believing he would sail into nothing but tranquil waters.
Stepping forward comes the second and became leader.
The second will command the ship Genuine by default in any case.
There was no other in position to seize the helm.
The Commandant taught the crew skills to become leaders.
This is what has been required of them through life’s opportunity.
They will acquire proficiency in being familiar with components of the ship.
How the ship steering should be done into the storms?
Then out into the waters of calm stability moment in time all over again.
The Captain knows it cannot be sunny weather in every stage.
So there are many years of skills to gain knowledge of.
Time has passed some of the crew revolt against the Captain.
They have become obstinate in thinking learning has an end.
Which will concern the ship and their crew care with reference to existence?
It has prematurely ended their skills to gain comprehension.
Speaking in a firm voice “We are able to command our on ships.”
“We have nothing further to be taught from you,” speaking persistently.
“Ok” says the Commander “Your ships are not ready to board yet.”
“You need to formulate new feelings on what you are about to do.” says the Captain
The four did not pay attention to anything that was said.
But boarded the ships determined to run their course.
One lone crew member remained saying” Help me continue in learning”
“So I can take care of my ship and crew responsibly.” says solitary crew member
The fleet set sail four in number behind the ship Genuine.
Walking back to the aft the Captain sees the crew sailing in different directions.
The one lone crew member finally obtains control of a vessel as time go by.
It did not go far away from the path of the Genuine.
The learning techniques never discontinue in seafaring stormy waters.
In time two of the four ships joined the ship Genuine.
Staying at a distance but keeping in sight of the first two original ships.
The entire fleet as a whole would have been six ships.
Two were shipwrecked in an isolated place along with their crew.
These ships were totally destroyed by the storms that pummeled them.
The two ships were in different direction of the world as reported to the Captain.
Perhaps they might want to be rescued and set on the proper course.
It would take the fleet a while to rescue them.

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About Brenda Lemae Williams

Genetics are responsible for the condition of albinism that has society so baffled. People with albinism are often misunderstood because people still do not understand the condition of albinism . I am a person with the condition of albinism. You are always welcome at the Discovery of Differences. I hope you enjoy your visit whenever you stop by. Take your time look around to learn more. Come explore, read and please feel free to leave comments. Let's all advance our awareness in the condition of albinism by acknowledgement

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